Why I Write

“The greatest living experience for every man is his adventure into the woman.” D.H. Lawrence

 Yep, it’s me, Ranae, sassy country girl blogging. If anybody told me a year ago that I would have written two books and several short stories or even have a blog, I would have laughed. But truthfully, I have wanted to write the stories rumbling in my head for years. With the encouragement of friends and fellow writers from Twitter, I plunged into my dream. Yes, I twitter and you wouldn’t believe the wonderful friends that I have made there. Thank you Lisa and Elle for the gentle, supportive nudge to move ahead and create this blog. Wait. It wasn’t that gentle, I remember! Check out these funny ladies at http://comiccelle.blogspot.com  http://LHMthoughts.blogspot.com

 These past 10 months have brought about many amazing changes. I started my first book December 2010, a story I loved writing, re-reading, editing and critiquing. I joined Twitter in January 2011, which opened up many new things for me. I learned more about writing from very talented writers and reading their blogs. They share their tales of failures and comebacks and the long road to writing success. Many have invited me in their circle of fun, support and writing. By the end of March I was writing a murder mystery and by spring more short stories were either written or in my mind waiting to burst out on word doc. By summer my list grew, not only my writing, but my twitter friends as well. We socialize on a daily basis for fun and for support. I love to see the continuing support authors give each other and I am humbled by how they include me as a writer in their circle.

 My dream is to publish my books and short stories. In the beginning, all I really wanted was to just write, to see if I could do it. Then I started thinking about how much I really wanted to see my first story in book form with a cover and my name on it. Even if it goes nowhere or maybe purchased by my amazing followers, at least I could hold my masterpiece in my hands and be proud of my accomplishment. Yes, I would love to share these stories with anybody who loves romance and a murder mystery, but it is only fair to warn you that every story will have some form of erotica in it. It’s just the way I work. It’s what makes me happy.

 During this venture of mine I have learned that people are afraid to let their sexual desires be known, to talk about sex and how they really feel about it. You want to be touched in that naughty place, but too afraid to express your desires, so you read about them. You secretly want to be excited by what you read so you continue to read on. You have to know what is going to happen next because you want to feel it too. You hold back your sexual desires because you are afraid of what your partner may think or how it may surprise even you. Or are you just afraid you are going to love it that much?

 Why erotica? I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime. I have read a wide range of genre. I love romance the most. Often I would read a romance novel and the author would do an amazing job of building up the passion and the want and the need. Then I would feel so let down when the only thing that the author wrote after the “hook up” was, “And they spent a wonderful, passionate night together.” Sorry. That doesn’t do it for me. I want detail. I want to read what the character is feeling during this passionate night. I have read before, “write what you want to read” and so I took that to heart. At first I hesitated writing explicit details or even using the “F” word, mainly for fear of shocking my mother into a heart attack and what other family members might think of me. I thought to myself, “why am I doing this? Why am I concerned with what other people might think? This is for me!” So I changed my way of writing and love it even better. I will also give credit to author Amelia James. She taught me that it’s okay to come out of the “trashy closet” and when it comes to erotica, write what you truly want to write and what makes you happy. Thanks Amelia for your encouragement! Check her out at http://trashystreasures.wordpress.com/

 My characters have emerged from my dreams, overactive imagination, daydreams and others who inspire me. I love to give my characters life. I have enjoyed doing research in order to give them a sense of who they are and where they come from. These are characters you will love to meet and fall in love with. My muses are sexy hot and badass, sensitive and compassionate. They have awakened me in the middle of the night and kept me up for hours with their playfulness, stubbornness and their hot sex escapades. I daydream for hours about their antics and tragedies. I can’t help it; they are in my subconscious whispering to me to tell their story. That is why I write.

 Now to break it gently to my friends and family!

 ~A.C. Rae

Please come back again. I will introduce you to the many writer friends that have been there for me and with some luck, entertain you with a post or two!

Check out my writer friend J.D. http://www.januarydruidess.com/ Our conversation on the subject of the misunderstood writer inspired her to write this really good post! Thanks J.D.! 


24 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! 🙂 Why you were ever worried about blogging is beyond me…everything looks great, and I can’t wait to see your other posts!! Yay!!!

  2. ahhhh yupp but that gentle nudge or rather that nosedive we gave you into the deep was so worth it! excellent post Ray..im sure ill peep at a book or two,i like a lil trash erotica,accompanied by a glass of ice cold water,if it starts getting hot in herrrrre!

    • Thanks for subscribing here too! Crowded trashy closet! LOL! I’m hoping that soon my books will be published after I finish the covers! So much to learn and thanks for all your help!

  3. Congratulations on diving in; with such a stellar support network and your obvious talent of expressing your thoughts and feelings I am sure you will be a success.

    You know, at first I thought, if I could just finish the story then I will feel like a success. Then I thought, if I could just get published then I will feel like a success. Finally I am like, if I can just sell a whole bunch of copies, I will feel like a success. It is a slipper slope (or rickety ladder, depending on how you look at it). 🙂

    • Thank you! Everything up to this point has been a success one way or another! Even the downers were just another “rung” to get there. I’ll find something to stabilize that rickety ladder because there is no doubt, there are many more challenges ahead!

    • Thanks so much Eden! You and “The Man” Have been a huge inspiration to me! I love your stories! Thanks for being so supportive. I have enjoyed our friendship and can hardly wait for that new website! P.S. I still giggle about our ice cream sundae “orgy”!

  4. Hot Dog!!! I’m so proud of you Ranae! I will be one of those long life friends who will support you and always will in whatever which way life pulls you. I Love my Country Girl!! Ride em cowgirl!

  5. HAHA! Our ice cream sundae orgy was priceless. That was one hilarious day.

    I’m glad “The Man” and I have been an inspiration to you. We love to hear stuff like that. As for the site, it’s up!

    • 😉 There are two friends of mine who started writing after I got to know them over the summer so I hope I can inspire others as well. I’ll be visiting your website! I know how you and the man worked so hard on it! Keep in touch! Remember, we all have “Naughty Secrets” !!!

    • Who needs an email when you’re gunna buy it in a few months! Edited version is coming out then! Oh, along with the change you requested! Thanks for checking me out here!

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