Birthday Spankings and Midlife Crisis

Birthdays. Some of us love ‘em, some of us hate ‘em. Either way, they come once a year whether we want them to or not. I never got my panties in a bunch over having a birthday, but lately, I wouldn’t mind if time could slow down for a bit. It seems like it was just a year ago that I had a birthday, not celebrated a birthday but had a birthday. I don’t remember exactly the last time I celebrated my birthday. Come to think of it, I don’t even remember the last time someone baked me a birthday cake. Although the thought of adding yet another candle on the cake is just another reminder that I have grown another year older so I’m ok with not having one. It also saves me money on having to buy a birthday cake Class C fire extinguisher. 

 How old am I? It doesn’t matter. I have fooled a lot of people. They have guessed my age at 24, 26, 33, 36, never older than that. I just say yep, I’m that old. My daughter, bless her teenage heart, said to me one day, ”Mom I think you are having a midlife crisis.” WTH? How old do you have to be to have a midlife crisis? No one has ever told me what age I have to be to have one of those. I haven’t even been through menopause, dammit! Ok. So does a midlife crisis start at the age of 33, 36, 40?  If you live to be 100, then you will have a midlife crisis at the tender age of 50.

 What defines a midlife crisis I wonder? Is it buying a red Mustang Convertible and blaring rock music while you exceed the speed limit down the highway? A gym membership because you have just realized that at your age, you better start losing weight and get in shape before you’re the next heart attack statistic at age 30 something? OR maybe wanting to do things that you have always dreamed of, a renewed passion that erupted from the back of your mind when you pondered what do you really want out of the rest of your life? I found love and pleasure from writing my books.  

 Now that my two daughters are growing into young adults, I realized I have my life back, but in a different way. There is no doubt I have enjoyed my two daughters lives from before birth to present. Every milestone was special. We created millions of memories. Now that has changed. Their milestones and memories will be different as they turn into young adults. My daughters have blossomed into beautiful young women. We laugh and play around all the time. I am blessed by having two of the funniest girls in my life and there is never a dull moment when we get together. My daughters are truly my BFFs!

 So now what? One daughter is just newly on her own and the other will be after graduation next spring. What is there left for me to do? No more dance competitions, sporting events, plays, choir concerts, piano and violin lesions, a billion fundraisers for sports and church. I will have my life back, but this time, it will include two adult daughters just learning how to make their way into this world and as their mother, it is my loving duty to guide them through this new journey. After a day at the mall, pedicures, manicures and sushi lunch, we will go our separate ways, back to work, school and a new life.

 This brings me to birthday spankings. My birthday is this Saturday, December 17th. I prefer an extra birthday spanking over an extra birthday candle any day. With our daughters out on their own and we now have an empty house, my husband and I will have all the time in the world to chase each other around giving birthday spankings!

So how old am I? I’m the new 20 baby! 😉

 If you are celebrating a birthday…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

 A.C. Rae



3 thoughts on “Birthday Spankings and Midlife Crisis

  1. Hey you! I am glad you found my abode. You write perfect as you are, at least … I enjoy it. That however made me smile from ear to ear. I appreciate such the complement from you. It means a lot to me.

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