Ode To Tree

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Unknown

Ode To Tree

In the wee hours of dawn, the night still hung on in opaque darkness, her ghostly image lay on the ground, worn out by years of torment from wind, rain, hail and snow, sunshine and light summer breezes.

As you fell so silently in the night, you took great care not to crush my flowers beneath you. No damage was done to my flowers, but your branches lie crushed to the ground, thank you tree for saving my flowers.

I looked at her with sorrow in my heart. I held a branch and spoke to her softly. “Thank you my old friend for the comfort and protection that you gave in all the years you stood bravely before us. You protected birds and cats, people and dogs. You cooled us in the summertime, as well as a protector during the harsh winter months”. I was pained to see her large limbs cracked and broken, a sorrowful site. I will miss her whispers and the solace I felt beneath her branches.

I looked up and down at her trunk, the cancerous knobs of years of growth stuck out like pimples on a teenage boy’s face. At the ground where she broke free of her confines, barely a root exposed. She lives infinitely underground. This will always be her home. Rest In Peace, my dear friend.

May the heavens sing with joy for what you are about to offer for in just a few short hours your limbs, branches, and trunk will be cut up into small pieces and fortify us in gallant warmth throughout the cold days of the North in our fireplace; continuing to comfort us as we nestle your parts in a neat, pretty pile, strike a match and watch you burn. You will come to life again in hues of blue, orange and black. And after you have been cremated, your ashes will be scooped up carefully and spread out lovingly in the woods as you rejoin your family of trees.

It is noontime now and I look out once again. I stare at you lying on the ground and watch birds flit and flutter in and around your now dying branches, paying homage to what was once their home; your new spring leaves start to wilt in sadness.

We shall replace you with a pine or a maple, but I will never forget you tree, as this summer I sit where you once stood, sipping on a gin and tonic. Cheers! Celebrate life! And grow more trees!

Fallen tree


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