Booze Crooze

july 2, 2012

Living out in the country is amazing and I love to create my own fun. One such rendezvous I embark on is booze cruising…..self explanatory, ya think? Load up the cooler with your favorite adult beverages, hop into your truck, crank up the tunes and GO! The countryside is gorgeous, but when you drink and hit the backroads, well….anything goes! 🙂

If’n it ain’t beer, it be vodka tonics or gin tonics or some kind of mix that I just so happen to delightfully indulge in. But most assuredely, this country girl is gunna have a good time! We did some brooze cruising last Friday night and the sunset was gorgeous!

Really, booze cruising is a lot of fun. Yeah, no shit, that sounds redneck but what the hell, gotta have some fun out in the sticks!

Like I said above….

1.Load up your cooler with your favorite beverages.

2. Hop in your truck, car, whatever you drive.

3. Crank up some awesome tunes. Just because I am from the country doesn’t mean it has be country music. I love to ROCK out! So turn it up!

4. GO!

~A.C. Rae


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