Music Lover

***Motionless In White–AMERICA

LOVE this song. A great tribute to our fucked up country with an economy spiraling downhill. HOW’S THAT CHANGE WORKIN’ FOR YA? This just might be my 2013 song of the year. 🙂

***Stone Sour–Through Glass

This song got me through a very rough time some months back. Music is all I have when all else fails me.

***Stone Sour–Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero

If you can’t forgive me I won’t take it very hard, but I won’t make it easy in the end. If I offended you, you needed it. This life, it feels like a prison. I can feel if I feel the need. I am not a zealot with the weight of the fucking world.

I may be an Absolute Zero, but I belt the fuck out of this song in my car…..word. for. word.

My favourite song of 2012.

*Ugly Kid Joe–Everything About You

Just the band’s name makes me love these guys 🙂 So, grab a drink and come party with me! This is the ultimate FUCK YOU song!!

*Arc Angels–Living In A Dream

If I didn’t “live in a dream” I wouldn’t be what I am today.


I just love this song. Listen, you’ll know why.

*Tesla—What you give

I love Tesla. This is one of my favorite songs. I would sing this to the one I love.

*Melissa Etheridge—I’m The Only One

If you are at A.C. Rae’s house, we be dirty dancin’ to this song.

*My Darkest Days—Sick And Twisted Affair

I so need to party with these guys. Just listen…..closely. (smell the fear)

*Foreigner—I Want To Know What Love Is

This is the most amazing love song. It should be on everybody’s playlist.

*Black Crowes—Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

R&B and a little weed….and me.

*Maroon 5—Hands All Over

This is so damn hot! I love it!


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