By The Sea

Your salty kiss on my lips like the taste of the sea, the gentle wave of your hand caressing my cheek, my heart is the pound of the surf strking hard against my chest. The Tavern, where two lovers meet. ~A.C. Rae

Disconcerting is my mind in want of her as we sit inside the stone tavern nestled beside the unsettled sea, the skies dark grey with an impending storm on the horizon, a flash of lightneing blinds my eyes.

I sip of the brandy before me, the content of my speech wanders into poetic sultry as I seduce her with words only she comprehends.

She sits quietly and listens, a page of three, and I, distracted, a single drop of amber liquid rests on her full bottom lip. I quiver with anticipation imagining the taste of brandy from them; I am mesmerized, sensous feelings arouse my mind, as the thought of my lips on hers overtakes my will to refrain.

I lean to her, a moments hesitation only to drink her in once more before I press my lips to hers. Her kiss, so soft and sensual. Something stirs inside me and awakens my soul. I feel alive again as never before.

“My Love,” I whisper. “Let me take you now.”

A soft sigh escapes her sensual lips, hesitant to part hers from mind, but smiles against them instead. She runs her fingers through my unkempt hair, my blue eyes pierce her soul. Her hands rest upon my face like velvet against the stubble of my ruddy cheeks.

“For you, My Love, I shall go to the ends of the earth.”

No longer able to hold back I take her hand and together we meander up the stairs. Patrons drink, engaging in their own person, time and place, do not give notice to our departure.

~A.C. Rae